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Sex Therapy

Sex, ugh. How did it get so complicated?

Whether it’s from harmful experiences with sex or toxic cultural notions on our sexuality (and gender, because hello, the two are inextricably linked), so much gets in the way of us walking the path of pleasure.

In the sex therapy world they say “pleasure is the measure.”

But so many of us are so disembodied that we don’t even recognize when or how something feels good.

Our society’s insistence on downplaying our “wants” in life (despite all that retail therapy) sets us up to not even allow ourselves to slow down with sensual pleasures.

Or perhaps we just keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. Taking pleasure in feels too vulnerable.

In this context, we end up feeling awkward, lost and scared rather than feeling confident, wild and free.

And some wants are soul needs.

How do we know what’s what? Soul needs scream at us over time. And often through the body.

meet natalia

Natalia Amari, LCSW, SEP, CST

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

I’d be lying if I said my own lived experiences didn’t inform my interest in sex therapy. It totally has.

My passion for sexual reclamation has been neck and neck with my passion for trauma recovery since day one. Interestingly enough, the more I learned about trauma, the more I bumped into pleasure.

From the nervous system perspective, we are in our most regulated state when we have safety and connection. This is fundamental. And I find that if we pursue pleasure, safety and connection is a given.

So why not aim for pleasure?

Not pleasure in the hedonistic sense, but more in how Epicurious defined pleasure as the absence of anxiety created through pleasurable and meaningful experiences with our nearest and dearest.

And now, having completed the year long University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate Program and all of the supervision and training to obtain the AASECT Sex Therapist Certification, I am delighted to be able to bring a trauma-informed, somatic oriented approach to exploring pleasure, desire, intimacy, sexuality and relationships in an embodied manner to you and your love(r)s.

Are we a fit? Great Question.

I do my best work with individuals and partners navigating:

  • sexual orientation and gender identity
  • trauma and sexuality
  • polyamory/consensual non-monogamy
  • sexual health and body stuff
  • impacts of working in the sex industry
  • the joyride (sarcasm) that is dating!

My practice and approach is not well-suited for:

  • people in acute crisis involving systems of care
  • relationships in high-conflict
  • couples needing discernment therapy
  • people seeking sex work or surrogacy services (props to those who do this work, I am just not one of them)


Sex Therapy begins on a weekly basis and we taper down in congruence with clinical needs and goals.

Standard fees per standard clinical hour (45-50 minutes) are:
$200 for individuals
$230 for couples
TBD for more than two

Please note: Natalia is operating as a location independent therapist and thus, therapy services are only offered online and by appointment to Texas residents only. 

Due to this nomadic lifestyle, Natalia keeps non-traditional work hours and the schedule may change at times due to time zone differences.

What richness awaits?

Sexual challenges don’t magically work themselves out on their own. Sometimes we need psychotherapy, sometimes we need somatic supports. Either way, we must turn toward our sex life to solve it.

A life rejuvenated by pleasure can give us the life force needed to stay engaged with the things that matter in life – like nurturing community, advocating for liberation, cultivating our gifts that only we can bring into the world.

What would a life of pleasure look like for you?

What areas of your life would benefit from you having a revived life force?

What would it mean to you to feel deeply connected to your sexual self?

Let’s find out.


“I feel like I have gained more insight and can more capably pursue a path to solve my problems. I’m grateful to have found a therapist who was such an attentive listener and was eager to invest attention in practical problem solving.”
Fierce & Beautiful Human Being
Former Client, Age 32